Zen Hotel

I feel like I’m staying in a Zen hotel. My friends place is amazing and I may never leave.

The main part of the house has a 100-foot long Koi fishpond running along the entire house. The vaulted ceilings are extremely high with only walls extending halfway up. The rest is just iron gates allowing for a complete open feeling, to the point that parts of the main house has no roof.  When it rains it rains inside. It’s amazing.

At night the fist size frogs jump around the house near the pond and in the backyard you will see the two resident turtles milling about. I also saw a giant Monitor lizard briefly walking through the back yard. It was nearly 6 feet long.

The large rooms are vaulted and peaceful with amazing AC units. Because mosquitoes here are such a large problem every room has a mosquito net covering the beds. Dengue fever is a problem and can be deadly. My friend, I’m staying with, has even had it. It’s not pretty.

Did I mention the pool?

It’s so peaceful here, which is going to help me recover from my jet lag. I’m extremely tired today since I didn’t sleep very well last night. So today I’m just laying low, resting up, and planning my adventures.



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