Dutch Pool Hopping

Today I headed off to the seaside town of Negombo to meet up with my two Dutch friends I met a few days ago on one of my travels. I left mid morning to catch a bus from Colombo to Negombo, which is about an hour away.

After arriving in the town of Negombo, I was told once again to get off the bus too soon. So after I wrangled up a tuk-tuk, I headed to the shit hole called the Silver Sands Hotel where my friends were staying. My room is dreadful, but I have no worries. Great company makes up for my less than bad room.

After settling into my after-thought-storage-closet of a room, I met up with Marieke and Annette. We said our hellos and headed down the road to  at hotel a few doors down to use their pool. On this occasion I paid to use their pool. However, in the past I usually find a large high-end resort, pretend to be a guest, and go use their pool. If I stay in a town long enough I usually do a travel version  of “pool hopping
from resort to resort trying out all the pools in town.

After we finished up our hours of people watching at the pool, we went and had a great dinner and a few drinks. It was early to bed for my friends since they leave Sri Lanka tomorrow. Sad to see them go but they’re off to a new country with many new adventures.

Tomorrow I was supposed to be photographing another preschool outside of Kegalle. However, plans were canceled late this evening. So I sit here writing this blog slightly plan-less wondering what direction or adventure I shall embark upon tomorrow. All I know is I won’t be staying here.

Safe travels my friends.

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