World’s End

My alarm goes off at 5:00am this morning. I have a date with the World’s End. It’s a 6-mile hike to a cliff overlooking Sri Lanka below. I was told this is where many Sri Lankans go to commit suicide. Suicide by train is another popular way to go here, but the surviving family is fined with train disturbance costs.

A 180-degree panoramic view at World's End, Sri Lanka.

I head out my door and meet up with Katie, my new traveling budding, before we jump into our drivers van. It’s an hour switchback drive up the freezing cold mountain to the entrance of our hike. We put on many layers of cloths before we head off just shortly after sunrise.

The great Katie from Ireland.

We hike for a while as we pass through the peaceful grasslands of Sri Lanka and come to World’s End. At the time Katie didn’t realize this was the view everyone was talking about. It was nice view but lacked the punch that I think Katie and I have both have seen in other travels. It was nice nonetheless.

We move on down the loop trail to another vista and then onto a near by waterfall. As we hike on we are startled by a screeching howl from a large black monkey we later find out is appropriately called the Black Howler Monkey.

We take a small break at the falls and move on down the trail. As we enter the entrance of the park and search for our driver in the parking lot I come across two jeeps filled with drivers. As the tourists hike the loop the drivers hang out together playing cards as they wait.

Hired drivers play cards as they wait for tourist to return. © Matthew Worden

The weather today was beautiful, warm, and sunny. There was really no need for our rain cloths and since it was so nice we decided to hike some more. We sent our driver ahead and met him in a town called Oya that we hiked to.

After our hike we retreated back to our cottage where we ate a late lunch and relaxed most of the evening.

It was a great day shared with amazing company. I might have gone to World’s End today but my time here in Nuwara Eliya is just beginning.

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