Late Night with a Pink Elephant

It’s not everyday you come across a pink elephant.  But, in the middle of a Georgia night, there she stood. I found myself peering into her heavily made-up eyes at a fireworks stand.

I was on a road trip when I met the pink lady of the night while traveling from who-knows-where to I-have-no-idea. It’s not that I forgot where I was heading, it’s just I didn’t have a defined destination, and I wasn’t in hurry to get there.

See, road trips are one of my favorites things to do, since I believe sitting idle doesn’t really motivate or inspire either the mind or the soul. For me, there’s nothing more exciting than jumping in the car, with photography gear, and heading down the open road. I don’t know where I’m headed most of the time; I just drive and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. I might have a general idea as to a direction, like a city or state; but for the most part, I just drive.

While I drive I watch the heads of the other drivers as they bobble across their dashboard, from the road, to their GPS, and back again. With it they have mapped out the quickest and straightest line to the end of their journey. They rarely ever take their foot off the gas, to look at life that’s around them.

I don’t even own a GPS; I prefer maps — or getting lost. Many people are uncomfortable being lost. I don’t think lost is a bad thing. The path might not be clear and the journey might take longer than expected, but in the end you will always find your way.

Tom wrote that “life is a highway,” and I have to agree. For me, I can’t stay idle, nor do I want to speed to my final destination. I want to enjoy the ups and downs, the windy roads, the flat tires, and everything in-between.

I want to enjoy the journey the highway has to offer — like meeting a pink elephant with made-up eyes.

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