The Victorious Hero

The sounds of ringing cowbells echoed in unison with the cheers and screams of fans as they watched competitors at a RadBall competition battle it out on the gymnasium floor. RadBall is a fast paced game fueled with intensity and high impact drama that combines the sport of soccer with bicycles. Entering an arena during competition, the high-energy chaos from the intensity of its players and adoring screaming fans is palpable. _W0A1664_sIn the midst of the chaos, I saw a young boy standing like an unwavering statue. The boy’s body looked to be in suspended animation with his feet glued to the floor.  He watched intently as the heroic combatants battled it out. He calls one of those heroes, Dad. Any other day, he is a typical boy full of non-stop energy and physically incapable of staying still for even one second. However, this moment was different. I observed the boy standing there watching his father in a steadfast and soundless state for over 7-minutes, as the chaotic scene played out before him. Knowing that seven minutes for a child can be an eternity, I motioned to others around me to observe what I was seeing.  No one was surprised.  Apparently, this is a normal posture for the boy every time his dad takes the court. Enthralled with his dad’s performance, looking on with great admiration, the boy stood tall, a physical beacon expressing to the world how proud he was of his father and how proud to be his son. I’m not sure if the father won or lost the competition that day, but I could tell by the glint in that little boy’s eyes that it didn’t matter.  For this boy, his dad will always be the victorious hero.

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