About this Blog

Welcome to my little piece of the Internet. I’ve listed a few things you might like to know about this blog. Hope you enjoy.*

~ I have no real business writing a blog. I flunked out of all my English classes in high school, I’m a horrible speller, and I don’ts rights so good. So writing this blog could be entertaining and interesting for everyone evolved.

~ This blog will focus on the stories behind my images. I will also revisit and tell the story of some of my past photographs and experiences. From time to time I may also include some suggestions about photography, my feeling on the industry, and why I should have been smart and been a doctor instead.

~ I will keep most of my posts under 350 words. However, at times I might write over, and since it’s my blog I figure I can do that.

~ I will try to include my dry sense of humor and sarcasms into my posts without insulting or jeopardizing my clients, or my life.

~ There will be little to no tech talk about cameras, shutter speeds, f-stops,
lens aberrations, lens bearings, parallax error, camera exhaust manifolds, or when or where I toggle my camera.

~ This blog is a way for me to journal and to put down in writing some of my great experiences, past and present, and to tell my stories of life behind the lens.

*Matthew Worden, Matthew Worden Photography, Matthew Worden Blog and affiliates in no way guarantee you will enjoy this blog. There are no refunds, exchanges, or pointing and laughing at me. That goes for family members too.