Looking Forward: Blind Woman’s Edgy Past and Heartening Future.


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Sarah sits cross-legged on the floor of her college dorm room. Three hundred jigsaw pieces lie face up in front of her on the industrial carpeted room. Completed animal puzzles hang proudly on her walls foreshadowing the unfinished jigsaw’s fate. … Continue reading

My Story For the Daily Record – “Guns in schools: What local educators are doing to keep students safe”


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Mike Coppin doesn’t remember hearing the gunshot that killed his 13-year-old-friend. He and two other boys in the neighborhood were playing a game of war. They all headed to one boy’s home to gather his toy guns, but one grabbed … Continue reading

Phoenix in Sri Lanka


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I met a man the other day named Chandra. He lost nearly everything, except his family, to the tsunami. I can’t imagine starting over at age 75. I saw Chandra while I was walking through Unawatuna sitting under his storefront … Continue reading