My Photographs are in a Museum Exhibit. With my Shoes?

The Museum of Culture & Environment has asked me to display my shoes, photographs and a story in their “In My Shoes” exhibit that is currently on display at Central Washington University.

If you talk to anyone who has been lucky enough to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC they will most likely talk about the “shoes” displayed there. Many who have seen the display have found it to be one of the most memorable and moving parts of the museum. The haunting room is full of shoes representing a small fraction of the sheer number of murders that took place during the holocaust.

Shoes can do much more than protect our feet or show off our fashion sense. They can hold meanings and memories. The exhibit explores these ideas by having people display their shoes and talk about the stories behind them.

The shoes I loaned to the exhibit were the shoes I wore while traveling through Sri Lanka. Also included were a few images of the people I met, along with a story about them and my travels in that amazing country.

I recommend anyone to put on their favorites shoes and walk into the Museum of Culture & Environment to see this wonderful exhibit.

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